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Expert Spine Care, One Patient at a Time

Visiting a doctors' office can be a very impersonal experience. Crowded waiting rooms, rushed doctors and confusing medical phrases, can all combine to make your appointment stressful and frustrating.

At the San Diego Center for Spinal Disorders (SDCSD) we pride ourselves on giving our patients a very different experience. We are committed to treating our patients with the personal and expert care they deserve, one patient at a time. Please let us explain.

Expert Spine Care
Spine problems are complex! That is why at our practice we focus all of our education, energy and expertise solely on the spine.

In fact, Dr. Akbarnia has dedicated his entire career to treating spine patients. His international reputation results from 30 years of experience, which has included extensive research, numerous scientific articles, and the development of new spine treatments.

But Dr. Akbarnia does not work alone. Over the years he has developed a team of other spine experts, including surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists and pain management doctors who bring their diverse knowledge to each patient's case. All of these spine specialists contribute to the decision on how best to treat each patient.

One Patient at a Time
medical practiceTreating spine problems cannot be rushed! Quick diagnosis and "cookie-cutter" treatment plans are the source of numerous errors. That is why each patient who comes into our practice receives our full and careful attention. We focus our team's combined expertise onto one goal: restoring your spine to health.

In addition, we make the entire process convenient for you. We don't want you running all over town for tests or treatments that we've prescribed unless required by your insurance. So, all of the resources we need for your care, including x-rays and other diagnostic scans, a surgery center, and first-rate physical therapy facilities, are all located in the same complex as our office.

So, at our practice you'll receive expert, personalized care. We'll rely on our team of experienced and educated experts to develop a proven treatment plan for you.

If you ever need spine care, we're ready to help!

Our mission is to foster optimal care of our patients with any spinal disorders, throughout life, that may affect its shape, alignment or function.

We accomplish this goal through education, research, advocacy and ethical practice.