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Patient Story from Michael L

We became physicians to make a difference in the lives of our patients. Here is a letter from one our many patients.

San Diego Center for Spinal Disoreders
Dr. Behrooz Akbarnia
Dr. Ramin Bagheri
Dr. Gregory Mundis
And all the wonderful people in the office.

Dear friends,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent treatment over many years.

You are the most devoted and capable group of doctors I have seen in my life.

The surgeries in February 2012 were extremely successful. You can see the results in the attached pictures. These pictures were taken about one week ago.

As we know, before the surgeries I could hardly move. I could not stand straight and could not walk. I was also in pain. I was very much deformed. I was in a very bad situation.

After the surgeries now, I can stand straight and walk freely without a cane. I can walk for long distances with no problems. I am not in pain anymore.

You gave me my mobility back and this is remarkable. I see this a one of the best things that happened to me in my life.

Everybody who knows me and saw my situation before and after the surgeries all say it is a miracle. It is a miracle.

I know this was a team work and everybody made important contributions. I know the great team work has a lot to do with the spirit of Dr. Akbarnia. A man to admire.

Dr. Bagheri, you were the group leader of the last surgeries. I know you worked very hard on my case. You never gave up and I appreciate this very much. You deserve the credit for giving me back my mobility and the big/tremendous improvement in the quality of my life.

Dr. Gregory, you did a great work and you have been a wonderful doctor and a friend. I will never forget the good bagels you brought me early in the morning, when I was in the hospital, after the surgeries. I also thank you Gregory for your great care after the surgeries. I will always remember this.

Dr. Prof. Akbarnia, you were the master planner for my surgeries and I thank you for this very much. I know you also came to my surgeries and this is remarkable. We know you are very busy. You made the time to be present in my surgeries. Thank you for everything. We know that senior doctors in the world are looking up to you.

You are a very powerful doctor, an expert and an inspiration to your group and others.

I thank everybody in the office.

Excellent Group! The best I have seen.

Thank you.

Michael Oded Levy.